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Ten years ago this month, after more than a year of renovation, the complete rehab of the former Valley Auto-Body shop at 7 Deer Park Road, Simsbury CT was finished and Bikram Yoga Simsbury opened its doors.

Richard Mercer and his wife, Laurie Krause, purchased 7 Deer Park Road in June of 2008, after working with its former owners for nine months to complete the environmental clean up of the site. Their vision of a wellness community in Simsbury, which would house their new Bikram Yoga studio, was begun.

In their ten years in business over 10,000 clients have come through the doors.  Richard and Laurie have added additional classes such as Low Impact Hot High Intensity Interval Training, Hot Power Flow, All Level Flow Yoga, and 26+. 

They have added a smoothie bar and carry many different alternative medicine modalities, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, healing essential oils and herbal tonics.  They also carry a full line of Charlotte’s Web CBD oil products, as well as several other CBD lines.

Bikram Yoga Simsbury offers yoga mats, towels and a large selection of Way Towel Mats.  They carry both men’s and women’s yoga clothes.

Class Descriptions:

 Bikram Yoga – Our daily lives can lead to a lot of body stress and disconnection. Bikram Yoga class counters the external negative influences we regularly encounter.  You leave feeling free and grounded. This set sequence class of scientifically designed yoga poses is excellent for beginners and experienced yogis alike.  You can easily moderate the intensity level to suit your needs and the exactness of the instruction always offers new learning experiences and opportunities for meditation.


26 Plus – Done to music, is a fun twist on the original Bikram Yoga. We add fun variations in the 2nd set to spice up your practice and help you feel amazing.



BYS Hot HIIT – A fast-paced, high intensity, low-impact workout done to music that will make you feel fantastic. Do you want to lose weight, get stronger, and see changes quickly? Bring a friend and have a blast.


Hot Power Flow Yoga – An amazing athletic, flow yoga class done to music that gives you everything you need in a workout: strength, flexibility, and peace. Are you ready to get stronger and try something new? Grab a Hot Power Flow Yoga class today!


All Level Flow Yoga – You can expect to move with your breath and focus your attention. This well-balanced flow class will get you out of your head and into your body and your breath.


  Bikram Taped class – As an accommodation to our studio members, we offer a teacher-less class which is done to an audio tape of one of our live classes.  These are available on our Hot HIIT days, or by prior arrangement (as our schedule allows).


Keeping safety and the integrity of the practice in mind, we require that you have previously completed at least 20 teacher-taught classes in order to join these taped classes. 

Alternatively, please speak with Richard.



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