Things You Can Buy

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Shopping! We have a large studio store stocked with great stuff to enhance your practice, make you feel better and look your best.

Clothes, towels, mats, soaps, electrolytes, coconut water, traditional Chinese herbal formulas and teas, tee shirts and jewelry are just some of the items to see. Nothing hits the store until we have tried it first to make sure it’s something we would buy ourselves.

The store is always open, so come in and browse at your leisure- before class, after class or any time you’d like to stop by.

solid tops

We have a large selection of yoga clothes, with all the latest styles from Shakti, Everywear, Onzie and Harajuku.stripe shorts    

tanksThe best part is that we also have large changing rooms with big mirrors so you can come in and actually try the styles on to see what will work best for you. We are open all day so come in a little before your class and have fun picking out some new designs. If you come in on a Saturday afternoon or Monday night, Laurie will be happy to help you find something to fit just right.

shorts hang

tops hang


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zebra shortsshorts in row

mens shorts




 Mats and towels are the tools of the trade, and so important to get the ones for you.


  We sell Kulae mats because they are ‘closed cell’ technology and won’t smell even after years of use.

folded towels

rolled towels


We sell several different types of towels so you can pick your favorite style and color.  Each has their own feel, level of absorption and thickness.

We also sell Rabbit Flap Mats – a mat and towel in one!  sits flat on the floor and doesn’t move through the whole class.





Tee shirts! We have creative folks here who are artists and painters.

works tee

Several have designed fun tee shirts for you to try on for size.

bow tee crop

Komb Shirt Crop

And more fun stuff:  natural, hand-made soaps made by one of our studio members, hand-crafted jewelry,  Traditional Chinese formulas and teas to ward off or cure colds and flus.

TCM crop


Food and drinks:  We carry Vita Coco and Amy & Brian Coconut Water in lots of flavors.  We also have Kombucha and Synergy for a refreshing health-filled drink.  We sell Hemp Hearts and Hemp Heart Bars from Canada, providing a delicious energy kick that also gives you Omega 3’s and 6’s as well as iron and B vitamins.

 hemp barskombuchamys

Mat Bags!  Something to hold all of your gear in style:

Bags crop

table bags