Book Club

The first book in our book club series is:sos

“The Science of Skinny” by Dee McCaffrey

Are you confused by all the information about what to eat? Looking for a healthier and more life-affirming relationship with your body? Organic chemist and nutritionist Dee McCaffrey has the answers you’ve been waiting for. By applying what she’s learned in the lab to what was on her plate, Dee developed a way of eating for life, not a diet.

The Science of Skinny offers:

  • The science of  behind why the “calorie in, calorie out” argument is tragically flawed

  • Why “you can’t eat just one” is more than a marketing hook and how you can break free from your junk food cravings

  • The truth about food additives – how they are making you sick and overweight

  • The top “Skinny Superfoods” to rev up your metabolism and fight fatigue, obesity, and chronic ailments

  • Step-by-step plans to ease your way into the processed-free life, including quick and delicious menus and over 50 recipes

  • Shopping lists, eating-on-the-go tips, and how to be    “Skinny for life”

In order to accommodate varying schedules, the sessions will be held:

Tuesday 2/7/2017  11am – 12pm

Saturday 2/11/2017  12:00pm  –  2:00pm

Thrusday 2/16/2017  6:30pm   –  8:30pm

Cost: $5 for current studio members and $10 for non-members

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